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As an orthodontist, we strive to help patients effectively correct the alignment of their teeth with various types of orthodontic technology such as braces, Invisalign®, clear aligners and other surgical orthodontics. The type of treatment we recommend for the patient can depend on various factors such as their oral health needs, age and lifestyle. Patients who wish braces were more discreet may benefit from incognito braces.

At Zarabi Orthodontics, we understand that people are not always fond of having to drastically alter the appearance of their teeth for long periods of time. With incognito braces, we can help patients straighten their teeth without metal brackets or wires being visible on the front of their teeth. Incognito offer the same benefits of traditional braces, with none of the visibility.

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Unnoticeable Treatment

Incognito braces, also known as lingual braces, are a customized style of braces that go along the backside of the teeth. Since people can see the front side of the teeth, we place the braces on the opposite side of the teeth to straighten them. Patients concerned about the appearance of their smile do not have to worry about incognito braces being easily noticed by others.

Benefits of incognito braces include:

  • The professional straightening technique of braces
  • The lack of any immediately visible braces on the teeth
  • Receiving a customized treatment
  • Being able to straighten teeth around the same amount of time as traditional braces
  • With incognito braces, we will attach the brackets and wires to the backs of the teeth so the patient can continue to have a professional image.

    The Process for Incognito Braces

    As an orthodontist in New York, NY, we will need to conduct an examination to ensure this type of braces is the most effective choice for the patient. This will involve reviewing the patient/s medical history, current level of oral health, allergies, insurance and the patient’s age. We will also determine if the patient can take proper care of the incognito braces since they require more care when cleaning.

    Unlike other orthodontic treatment options, incognito braces will be a custom-fit to the individual patient’s mouth. Thus, the procedure may take a little bit longer than other methods. However, some patients prefer this since the braces will continue to straighten the teeth without being visible to people. We will also need to ensure the teeth are long enough to provide the proper room for Incognito braces.

    Placing incognito braces will still involve using a dental glue to attach the brackets before connecting them with the wire. Once the glue dries and everything is in place, we will go over the proper at-home care techniques.

    More Responsibility than other Treatments

    While the patient needs to continue brushing their teeth on a regular basis, the patient will need to remember to continue cleaning the braces on the back of the teeth as well. Even though this sounds fairly simple, not everyone follows through on the necessary cleaning and allows plaque to build up, increasing the risk of tooth decay.

    Patients will need time to adjust to wearing the incognito braces since they can press against the tongue. The patient will typically wear these braces for a year to about a year and a half. However, this time frame can vary per patients. When cleaning the teeth, patients will need to brush the brackets as well, before rinsing the mouth out with a type of mouthwash. It may become more challenging to clean the teeth since it will be harder to clearly see the brackets. This is where we can help.

    With incognito braces, patients will need to:

  • Avoid sticky, hard or sugary foods (i.e. various types of candy)
  • Clean and rinse the mouth out after meals
  • Use individual flossing tools (We can recommend some) to floss teeth
  • Regularly brush and clean braces
  • Make regular checkup appointments for tightening and examination
  • Take time to adjust to the braces colliding with the tongue
  • Schedule Regular Appointments with Us

    Through attending regular appointments, we will help tighten the wires to help continue pushing the teeth into the proper alignment. Along with this, we can examine the teeth and make sure that the treatment is going smoothly. Since food can easily get stuck between the brackets, the patient needs to follow our instructions.

    As an orthodontist, we will help to guide the patient through this process and provide the necessary support. By following the treatment plan and working with us, the patient will be able to enjoy the straight teeth they desire. Call us to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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