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Straightening teeth does not have to involve metal brackets and wires. While braces are an effective method for straightening teeth, there are other more discreet options available. One such option is Invisalign®, a series of removable clear aligners customized to the patient’s teeth. Adults may be quick to scoff at the idea of trying to straighten their teeth later in life, but Invisalign may be the teeth straightening solution they are looking for.

At Zarabi Orthodontics, we provide Invisalign in New York, NY and the surrounding areas to enhance a patient’s smile and align their teeth. The benefits of a straight smile extend beyond just appearance and can benefit one’s overall oral health. With a discreet appearance, this treatment does not drastically change or negatively impact one’s lifestyle.

If you are looking for a teeth straightening option that is discreet, efficient and customized for each patient, then call us to learn more about Invisalign.

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Benefits of Invisalign in New York, NY

Invisalign straightens the teeth gradually over the course of a year, varying per patient. The versatile clear aligner trays allow for more freedom during the treatment process and do not hinder factors such as appearance or eating. While this treatment continues to revolutionize the way in which people choose to straighten their teeth, it may not be advisable for certain patients.

As an orthodontist, we can help guide the patient throughout the Invisalign process. Children and some teenagers may not be able to provide the level of care necessary for Invisalign. Fortunately, most adults are able to take the proper steps for treatment and can enjoy the benefits. These benefits of Invisalign in New York, NY include:

  • Ability to remove aligners when eating, cleaning teeth, playing sports and more
  • A discreet appearance
  • No metal on the teeth or in the mouth
  • Customized trays designed to fit the patient’s teeth
  • Ability to eat favorite foods without issue
  • An efficient treatment process
  • Possibility of fewer checkup appointments throughout the year
  • What You Need to Know

    To begin the Invisalign treatment process, we will need to review the patient’s medical history, the current condition of their teeth, allergies, insurance and other health factors. We will then take a mold of the teeth and multiple images to help map out a treatment plan. With Invisalign, the patient will use a series of aligner trays, wearing one set for about two weeks at a time.

    After two weeks, the patient will switch out the current ones for the next in the series. We understand that people may have questions about Invisalign and the treatment process. Here are the facts that people need to know with Invisalign treatment.

    Customized to Your Teeth

    With 3D imaging software, the Invisalign treatment will map out the positions of the teeth as they shift into the proper alignment. By doing this, the patient will not have to worry about the teeth moving too quickly and causing discomfort. The process then creates a series of aligner trays that the patient will take turns wearing throughout the treatment.

    Stick to the Treatment Plan

    One of the main issues that can prolong or hinder the Invisalign treatment is that patients remove the aligner trays too often or for too long. While Invisalign is removable, they need to stay on the teeth for at least 22 hours per day. Every two weeks, the patient will shift from one set of aligners to the next in the series.

    The patient must follow the proper order. If they skip a set, they can cause themselves pain and risk causing more issues to their teeth.

    Removable Aligner Trays

    The removable aligner trays allow patients to continue their daily routine without too much issue. Patients can remove the aligners when:

  • Eating food
  • Drinking anything besides water
  • Brushing and flossing the teeth
  • Playing sports
  • Taking pictures
  • Attending at a meeting or giving a presentation
  • However, the patient needs to place the aligners back in the mouth as soon as possible. If the aligners remain out of the mouth for too long, the teeth will begin to shift back out of alignment and undo the progress up to that point. After eating, the patients need to clean their teeth and rinse the aligner tray with water before returning the aligners to the mouth. Bits of food will be noticeable in the teeth since the aligner tray is clear.

    Checkup Appointments

    As an orthodontist, we will recommend at least several checkup appointments during the Invisalign treatment process. These appointments will allow us to measure the progress and ensure everything is running smoothly. If we notice any issues, we will determine the most effective solution. If the patient damages their Invisalign aligner tray, they need to call us.

    Skipping to the next one in the series may cause the individual patient pain since the teeth were not ready for that set. We can help determine the newt course of action and the most effective way to help continue the straightening treatment.

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